WWIII: Team Ellsworth AFB and Aliens 

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Difficulty Rate  

          3 / 5                      3.5 / 5                  5 / 5                        5 / 5                    5 / 5

Black Hills Escape Rooms

705 Main Street

Rapid City SD 57701

(605) 731-8050

Shootout in Deadwood!

​Prove you are not a claim jumper and shoot your way out!

Click an image to choose from our Experiences; Murder in Saloon#10,  Treasure at the Hall of records or if you are in the mood for eerie, try escaping the ghosts of the Black Hills!

Ghosts of the Black Hills. There's not only gold

in them thar hills

but ghosts as well!

Murder in Saloon #10. Catch Wild Bill's assassin!

​Save Christmas and move to the Nice list!

​                     Till late January

Currently closed opening again in late January

TERRORism @ 

​Holy Terror Mine!

​Stop a nuke before Western SD is vaporized!

 Happy Holidays, Let the parties begin! 

WWIII - Aliens and Ellsworth now open!

Xmas room "Naughty or Nice" now open! 


Black Hills Escape Rooms

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