"You have a time limit to find clues, solve puzzles, and get the code​ that will unlock the final door. Good Luck! "

Escape rooms are live-action based team games where players discover clues, solve puzzles and accomplish tasks in one or more rooms in order to achieve the goal of "escaping" the room in a limited amount of time. The escape room experience starts with the players meeting the gamemaster, who then briefs them on what will be happening over the next hour and gives them the rules for the game. The gamemaster will explain the story associated with your particular game.

Players explore the room looking everywhere for clues. There are numbers, symbols, pictures and props but no apparent guide to understanding what they are there for. The first part is searching the room, through cabinets, drawers, clothing, behind and under everything. At some point players will discover a puzzle and figure out how it can be solved. Some puzzles have directions, some do not.

The solution to one puzzle will lead to something else - it may be a code for a padlock, the starting key for another puzzle, a door to another room or a red herring! The group of players continues to work on puzzles sharing information about what is found. If they are stuck they use their walkie-talkie to contact the gamemaster for help with clues and/or solving the puzzle. As time ticks on, the puzzles become more complex feeding into a final puzzle which will lead the team to "unlocking" the final door and "escaping".

  What's an Escape Room?

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