Black Hills Escape Rooms

705 Main Street

Rapid City SD 57701

(605) 731-8050

Black Hills Escape Rooms, Copyright © John Reuter. All rights reserved.

​​Almost all you need to know! 

How many scenarios do you have?

       We have 5 story lines running currently, hopefully six by late summer.  We are looking at open space VR in the fall. 

I have played all 5 of your scenarios, is there anything left for me?

       Yes! We are always changing our scenarios, "Zombie Prairie Dogs" has taken the place of Naughty or Nice. "Ghosts" is staying with updates. The party area is going to be redeveloped into DUNE, the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment happening in Lead, SD. "Murder" is getting a further update. We are focusing more on entertainment and escaping. Red Herrings and searching are going away as they are boring pieces of escape rooms.  

Will we be truly locked in? What if I am claustrophobic?

        No, there will be 2 doors, the entrance to the experience door will not be locked due to fire department regulations. There will be a second locked "escape" door to end the game. The rooms are somewhat spacious at approximately 400 square feet.

Will we be able to communicate from inside the rooms?

       Yes, you will have a walkie talkie and video intercom to communicate with the gamemaster or other rooms if playing with friends. These will be used to gather hints or leave the room if needed.

What if we don't solve the game in the hour given?

       We have built in extra time into our schedule to allow you extra time to finish if wanted! 

Can the game be made harder or easier at our request?

       Yes! You may set the number of hints allowed or request an easier room at booking time.

Who will enjoy the game the most?

       Tourists, families, dates, team building, friends night out, special occasions, gamers, and anyone who enjoys a good puzzle!

How many can be in a team?

       Teams are from 2-8. We have put 11 in a room but it is quite crowded. With an e-mail or call, the entire experience

       can be rented depending on availability. This will allow up to 40 friends or workmates to all compete at the same time.

Are you ADA compliant?

       Yes! We are on the ground floor and there is access to all rooms as well as the restrooms.

Will we be able to bring in our cell phones?

       Yes, and we have locking trunks to store your valuables if needed at each room's door. There is nothing you can google to help!

How long does the experience last?

       About 90 minutes from start to end, 2 hours for the harder rooms. Arrive 15 minutes early to get briefed on your room, fill out a waiver and dress up if you like, then stay after for a souvenir photo in your experience's outfit; Ghostbusters, Deadwood marshals, Lab researchers or Mine inspectors.

Can the entire experience be rented?

       Yes, if no one  has booked for your chosen session times, the entire venue can be booked out. Also e-mail and ask us, we will open gladly for parties and corporate event during non-opening hours. 

Will anyone be added to my group or family?

No, once booked or reserved the experience is yours, no one will be added.