Black Hills Escape Rooms

705 Main Street

Rapid City SD 57701

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Black Hills Escape Rooms, Copyright © John Reuter. All rights reserved.

We now have all the original furniture from room 812 at the Alex Johnson hotel. If you believe that Ghosts move with furniture we have one! You have become paranormal deputy marshals and have to start at room 812 in the famed Alex Johnson hotel. It will be up to you and your team to solve mystery of the "the Lady in White" and remove her ghost haunting the AJ hotel. "Ghost Hunters" of the Syfy channel documented this ghost in season 7 episode 5.

All the ghosts need to be "helped" along using your paranormal equipment (provided). Failure to do so in 1 hour could banish you to the ghostly world to haunt with them for ever!

This scenario rates 2/5 in difficulty. It is a generation one game with combination and keyed locks making up the majority of puzzles.

It is ideal for kids and families. Experienced players will likely find it to be an easier, quicker play.

Ghosts have locked you in Deadwood's Mt. Moriah cemetery. 2 coffins have been exhumed in the hopes of ridding Mt Moriah of its ghosts. Many wild Stories followed Potato Creek Johnny and Calamity Jane. Some are true, some are not and it is up to the paranormal marshals to set the records straight and put to rest these active ghosts and escape the cemetery!

Ghosts of the Black Hills!​​

The suicidal bride: crying from a broken hearted woman is heard coming from room 812. Why did a bride kill herself by jumping out the window, or was she pushed?  A female entity called "The Lady in White", still dressed in her wedding gown floats around the halls and rooms of the 8th floor looking for her killers. Can you help this poor woman on and save the Alex Johnson hotel and it's guests from her wicked hauntings?