Terror at Holy Terror Mine, Keystone, SD

There have been strange noises reported coming out of the Holy Terror mine. A Canadian company called Mountain Resources had been drilling core samples in the mine and has been very secretive about what they have been finding. They have left but there still remains rumblings from the mine.

All the inspectors are away at the coal mines in Wyoming so we are recruiting you to become mine inspectors for the day. It is up to you and your group to go underground and investigate what is going on. Hopefully you return from underground in 60 minutes or there could be serious consequences. The department of homeland security has reported that there has been a lot of internet chatter recently relating to something big in western South Dakota!

You have traveled deep into the mine and have discovered a working lab. Your first clue on the corkboard is making sure you clock in as a mine inspector!  Best of luck if you hope to get out of this without blowing up!