And our last character in true Melodrama, "Meller Drammer" fashion, BOO & Hiss, the alleged cowardly murderer Jack McCall!    

Murder in Saloon #10

A gunshot rings out in Old Saloon #10, leaving the famous marshal Wild Bill Hickok dead on the floor. Rumors spread through town that Jack McCall, known locally as Crooked Nose Jack, is the perpetrator.  Deadwood’s sheriff, deputizing you as the new marshal, assigns you the case. Follow the clues and work quickly to unlock the butcher's shop where McCall is hiding. Catch him within the hour before he can escape into the wilderness of the Dakota Territory forever.

Our simulated location is the old style saloon #10 in Deadwood South Dakota. You will start in a "replica" of the saloon complete with saloon sounds and sawdust on the floor (for ease of cleaning up blood and bar spills)! :-)

Calamity Jane. Our first character. Bad memory...said she was married to Wild Bill, but Bill wanted little to do with this stinky foul mouthed drunk! She adored him though and is buried beside him!

This scenario plays the easiest of our experiences

and is suitable for beginners, families with children and unaccompanied children (7-17).

It is a generation one style room with combo locks, 

keyed locks and minimal electronics.  

Murder In Saloon #10

Wild Bill Hickok.  Our second character. Good at cards, amazing Marshall, and a devoted husband to circus performer, Agnes Lake, of Cheyenne WY.