Black Hills Escape Rooms

705 Main Street

Rapid City SD 57701

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Black Hills Escape Rooms, Copyright © John Reuter. All rights reserved.

Shootout in Deadwood

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WWIII - Aliens and Ellsworth AFB!

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Black Hills Escape Rooms



                                                                                               Lawless Lefty


You’ve had a hard day mining in the streams and creeks around Deadwood. You’ve brought your four bags of gold to town. It’s time to relax with a whisky or sarsaparilla in Saloon #10. You carry with you enough gold to get everyone good and Happy at the saloon and I’m sure they would oblige you if you helped them out.  

 As you enter the Saloon a gunshot rings out and Lawless lefty just misses you with his first shot. He cries out “Claim Jumpers, That’s my gold and I am going to take it off you Dead or Alive”. Maybe there is a map around that can help prove you innocence.

To escape you’ll have to get befriend a bartender and some “doves” in order to find a secret passage out of here. The bartender will serve as your banker for your gold!

Lawless shouts out “if you’re not out of there in one hour, I am coming in to get my gold and Shoot you DEAD”!